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Panama Varietals provides a unique source of high quality varietal coffees for specialty coffee roasters and buyers.  Through our direct relationships with the farms, roasters and buyers we’ll have complete transparency and pricing on a level that is difficult to find anywhere else.

We offer consistency in our: Supply of traceable beans, Quality of our beans, Pricing, Treatment of our farmers and purchasing partners.

Direct trade for us is not a mission – it is simply the way we do business.  We are based in Linz, Austria and Boquete, Panama. We live at origin and know the farms and families we work with personally as well as professionally.

Panama Varietals is involved in every step of the production process from seedling, growing, harvesting, shipping and ultimately final delivery to our roasters and buyers. Rather than coming in as outsiders on an occasional basis we work with our farmers continuously offering help and assistance wherever possible. Direct access to the farms and first access to the best beans is just one of the huge advantages we enjoy.

We offer the story in a cup.  Behind every good coffee is an interesting and genuine story. It includes the farm and family’s heritage, its care during growing, harvesting and processing.  It includes the people who touch the farm and influence its quality. From beginning to end we want to facilitate a free flowing river of information and a dialogue between the roasters, producers and the consumers in hopes that we can improve the quality of the coffee experience, together.


In working together with our roasters we provide unparalleled service and trouble-shooting.  We are flexible regarding order quantities and will tailor our sourcing, importing and logistics to each of our roasting partners.

We are the source for high quality Panama Geisha coffee.  The number of Geisha varietals with different taste profiles in Panama is remarkable. Most of our partner farms are growing Geisha.  One farm in particular, Finca Deborah, is growing SHB Geisha at 2000mts in a remote area of Volcan on the other side of Volcan Baru.

Panama Varietals would like to contribute to “consumer education” activities together with our roaster partners to offer consumers an opportunity to taste Panama’s great coffees.  We will work with our roasters on pricing at these events and help coordinate their efforts to bring our rare and exciting coffees to the world.

We offer our love for quality and our passion for what we do.

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