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Panama is becoming known as an origin of choice for coffee enthusiasts and aficionados around the world. Not known for its volume, Panama has made a name for itself in the specialty coffee category.  Each year, Panama continues to impress with its outstanding varietal coffees. Panama is a small player on the world coffee market, but it is definitely a rising star in the coffee world. The area suitable for the production of good coffees is very limited,

but the quality of the coffee that is produced here is, without question, setting new standards in both quality and price. The small size of the country is Panama’s advantage. The coffee industry in Panama has known for some time that it can’t compete with quantity, which is why quality and creativity have been at the forefront for more than a decade.


Oh wie schoen ist Panama… This title of a very famous German children’s book (Translation: “Oh how beautiful is Panama”) does this little country on the Isthmus justice – the land of the Panama Canal and bird filled rain forests, deserted beaches, great surfing and amazing fishing, the land of bananas, mangos and pineapples – and the land of world class coffee!

The Panamanian coffee industry is centered in Panama’s northern highland, in the Chiriquí province, in and around the areas of Boquete, Volcán and Renacimiento. Also called the “Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring”, these areas are perched on the sides of the Baru Volcano, and near the Caldera River It is there that the truly distinct and unique coffees are produced. The area is blessed with volcanic enriched soil, abundant moisture, regular rainfall, dense vegetation and cloud cover to nourish the coffee trees, which in turn produce high grade beans with rich flavor. The many different microclimates also assist in producing coffee beans with a great variety of taste characteristics.

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