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High quality coffee & production


People and relationships are everything and finding the right growing partners is one of the most important aspects of what we do.  Conducting farm due diligence on growing history, quality standards, social responsibility, and ecology consciousness are but a few rigorous tests our farmers must pass to qualify as a Panama Varietals grower.

We are looking for progressive producers who want to improve quality to the highest standards while demonstrating ecologically sustainable farm processes and socially responsible initiatives.


Cup quality is carefully monitored and any deviation from our standards in quality is quickly brought to the attention of the farmer.  The coffees we select are of the highest standards and quality – no exceptions.

We are looking for specialty coffees with the highest ratings in their category. Some of our selection mandate would be:

  • Unique character in every coffee.

  • Made from exceptional beans grown only in ideal coffee-producing climates, like the Chiriqui area in Panama.

  • Feature distinctive flavors, shaped by the unique characteristics of the soil and micro-climates.

  • Uncompromised quality maintained through every step of production process.

  • Interesting growing and processing and methods which have been applied.

All the farms we work with have their own cupping lab, where we cup, evaluate and improve the quality of the coffees, together with the producers.

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