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Panama's northern cool, blue mountains


The plantation is located in Panama’s cool, northern blue mountains in the small town of Boquete, in the Province of Chiriqui.  At an altitude of over 1,300 mts., this beautiful region is blessed with light mist, rich volcanic black soil, fresh water springs and is surrounded by mountain forests.

here are many varieties of native trees such as guava, cuellito, cedar, cenizos, higueron, and poro which provide the plants beneath them with an abundance of nutrients and shade. This area of Boquete is regarded by experts to be within Panama’s prime coffee land.


In 1880, Engineer Joseph De Dianous moved from his native France to Panama, to work for Compagnie Universalle Du Canal Interoceanique, the French Panama Canal Company. In 1914, his son Gabriel de Dianous purchased land in Bajo Mono, Boquete, where he founded “Finca Gladys”, in honor of his beloved wife

In 1991, Ricardo Fernandez and his wife Teresita de Dianous (Gabriel’s daughter) acquired Finca Gladys, where they founded Cafetalera Fernandez. In 1993 they bought Finca “Gran Paraiso”, a neighbouring Coffee plantation, located anlongside the Caldera River and Finca Gladys within the Bajo Mono Canyon. At the end of the millennium, Cafetalera Fernandez acquired Finca “La Fortuna”, a unique coffee plantation located on the slopes of the Baru Volcano (Alto Quiel, at an altitude of 1,550 mts.

The finca is full of beautiful ancient native trees known as cenizos, which can reach an impressive 225 feet high and is lined with spring fed creeks and river. There are old Typica coffee plants on part of the finca that reach an extraordinary height of 12 ft high. The coffee trees are shade grown and have numerous banana, citrus and exotic fruit trees surrounding the farm.  It is an ideal spot for bird watching and exploring nature


In 2003 the Fernandez family built Panama’s first ecological coffee processing mill. It uses the latest technology in processing whereby only the ripest, Estate Grown cherries are picked then taken to the beneficio or hulling plant. The process uses small amounts of water and efficiently separates the mucilage from the pulp.  By using significantly less water than most mills, this is one way in which Cafetalera contributes to environmental preservation.

Since 1999 Cafetalera Fernandez’ farms have been certified by the prestigious ECO-OK RAINFOREST ALLIANCE N.Y.  This honor is reserved for coffee farms which demonstrate efforts in consistently conserving tropical eco-systems through innovative agricultural management and environmental protection. Cafetalera Fernandez is one of two plantations in Panama which hold this prestigious designation

  • Finca: Cafetalera Fernandez, Gran del Val

  • Owner: Familia Fernandez

  • Town / Region: Boquete, Chiriqui

  • Varietals: Geisha, Typica, Caturra.

  • Altitude: 1.300 – 1.600 mts

  • Processing: washed

  • Certification: Rainforest Alliance

  • Packaging: Grain Pro and jute bags

  • Harvest Time:  December – April

  • Our current offers:


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