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With the northern winds roaring down Boquete Valley and long lines of pick-up trucks forming throughout the day at Cafe Duran’s central purchase location, there is little doubt harvest season has arrived in Panama.
 It’s a beautiful and exciting time of year with the Bougainvillea in full bloom and travelers arriving to the town of “The Eternal Spring”.  People from all over the world come to Boquete for it’s tranquil, picture perfect landscape and climate.

he farms are abuzz and although Roya (Leaf Rust) continues to wreak havoc on farms unable or unwilling to consistently combat the relentless fungus, this years harvest shows very promising signs. Farmers are optimistic they will over-come the disease and that coffee prices will recover in the not too distant future. Edgar Fernandez of Cafetelera Fernandez says; “The Roya is persistent, but we have been diligent with our efforts to control it.  This year was tough and it was expensive to fight it, but we’ve won the battle.”  Mr. Fernandez went on to say, “Not all farmers were as fortunate.  Many have suffered because they under-estimated the Roya or were unable, due to financial reasons, to address the disease.”

It will be exciting to see how the farmers have chosen to process some of their most prized beans.  Naturals are becoming a hit and more growers are recognizing the unique attributes this method of processing provides.  While it is more complex and time consuming the Natural method is making waves especially within the high end Geisha category.

As Panama’s Harvest Season 2014 progresses we will update our readers with additional pictures and information.

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