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At the “What Makes Panama’s Geisha so Special” event held at Artisan Coffee School in London November 7th, eager participants cupped three rare and outstanding Geishas from Finca Deborah, Morgan’s Estate, and Cafe Auromar.

RThis was two of the coffees’ first introduction to not only London, but also Europe.  The event was hosted by Artisan Coffee School of London and the coffee was roasted by Caravan Coffee Roasters of London who are introducing the Morgan’s Geisha to the commercial market in London this fall.  

The cupping took place after a presentation that explored the myth, lore, and reality of Panama’s legendary Geisha coffee and took the participants on the 9 year journey of Finca Deborah from the purchase of the finca, to planting, to the first harvests of the coffee.

The small lots of these coffees are only landing in a handful of roasters’ hands each season.  Panama Varietals continues to process and source the finest coffees Panama has to offer with an uncompromising attitude and desire to introduce these coffees to coffee lovers around the world.

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