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Coffee lore, myth and reality will collide Saturday, November 7th when Panama Varietals, Artisan Coffee School and Caravan Coffee Roasters of London, host a two hour invite only workshop for roasters, baristas, and green coffee buyers to explore these unique coffees

The workshop will follow the journey of Panama Geisha from planting, to cultivation, to processing and the care needed in each step to obtain world class coffee and achieve perfection in the cup.

Attendees will also be cupping a very special Geisha processed in three methods, washed, honey and natural, and prepare and compare the coffee to determine the best brew method.


The event is hosted by Artisan Coffee School, led by Alessandro Bonuzzi, a certified SCAE trainer, and Caravan Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roaster in Kings Cross, headed by master roaster and Q certified coffee grader Sam Langdon, who is one of the few roasters in the UK to feature Geisha.  Caravan Coffee Roasters will do the honor of roasting the coffees featured in the workshop.

Location and Times

Artisan Coffee School, 32 New Broadway, Ealing, London

Saturday, November 7th – 6:00pm til 8:00pm

To attend the event contact one of the persons below for a code, and register online at:

Alessandro Bonuzzi

Sam Langdon

Joel Jelderks

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