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nearly 100 years of coffee growing

“We want to share the unique story about coffee’s incredible journey to your cup, and our effort to fulfill all the responsibilities that working with coffee demands.”

For nearly one hundred years the Ruiz family has been growing and processing some of the finest coffee in Panama. Today, brother and sister Maria and Plinio Ruiz run the family owned operation in Boquete, Panama.  Like their predecessors, Maria and Plinio are dedicated to growing traditional coffee varieties in the cool, high altitude, shade-growing environment of Boquete.

What was once a single-family farm in Boquete is now a coffee crafting enterprise, which not only grows coffee but processes, packages, and roasts some of the finest coffee in the world. Café Ruiz has earned an excellent reputation in the coffee world and is well known for quality, consistency and a willingness to test new grounds in processing and packaging.  They are dedicated to crafting the most consistently flavorful coffee possible while maintaining a healthy natural environment for future generations.


Casa Ruiz recognizes that people are the key to success. Therefore, Cafe Ruiz supports activities promoting the recognition of the different cultures involved in the production and processing of coffee on their farms.  Some of the activities Café Ruiz stands behind.

Caring for social and environmental needs does not have to compromise quality.

“Dedicated to the art of producing high-end quality coffee from Boquete by being good stewards of what has been entrusted to us; our environment and its resources. Through the empowerment of people we will work with our industry partners.” – Maria Ruiz

Much of the coffee in the world is grown using the monoculture technique of clearing the land by cutting all the trees and planting high production hybrid coffee varieties.  Casa Ruiz has chosen to follow Boquete’s traditional methods and to protect the ecological richness of their farms producing coffee that is grown according to what the natural surroundings demand.  While this way of growing coffee does not produce a high yield of production, the combination of shade trees and the proper number of coffee plants provides many advantages:

  • Permanent support to the Ngäbe literacy programs such as teaching them how to read and write in their own language as well as in Spanish.

  • Support of the Ngäbe in other areas – teaching of technical aspects of organic (coffee) farming. Casa Ruiz developed a model program to help a group of Ngäbe Indians obtain organic certification for the coffee grown on their own land.

  • Give direct support to members from the community by offer courses to employees on topics of personal as well as professional development and first aid.

  • Education related to the industry; Barista trainings, information and tours for foreign students, etc

  • In addition to their own farms, over three hundred independent, small-scale family farms partner with Casa Ruiz to process and market coffee. They all chose the shade grown coffee method and are dedicated to environmentally friendly growing techniques


  • Biodiversity is sustained for each type of geographical location and microclimate.

  • Soil quality is maintained and even improved.

  • The traditional, more flavorful, non-hybrid, shade-loving varieties such as Typica can be grown.

  • The combination of shade trees and coffee plants provide food and shelter for migratory or resident birds.  This is also beneficial for indigenous insects.

  • The tree canopy provides mulch for the coffee to grow.

  • The use of chemicals is greatly reduced and, in many cases, eliminated.

  • People, as key actors, learn to understand sustainability through observation of natural systems per geographical location.

“We invite you to explore the uniqueness of Panama Coffees” – Plinio Ruiz


Casa Ruiz’ goal is to consistently supply the highest quality coffee and to strive for the best cup development a bean is able to generate. In order to do this, a group of committed local people do their required job following specific quality parameters. Only the ripest, red coffee cherries are picked then processed by cultivation altitude, coffee variety, bean size, and bean quality.

Each batch of coffee is then labeled and stored. The blending of modern eco-friendly techniques and the integration of the ISO Quality Management System with Environmental Management means Casa Ruiz able to provide the highest quality, consistent, flavorful coffees in the world.

  • Finca: Casa Ruiz

  • Owner: Maria and Plinio Ruiz

  • Town / Region: Boquete, Chiriqui

  • Varietals: Pacamara, Geisha, Catuai, Typica, Yellow Bourbon, Maragogype

  • Altitude: 1.500-1.650mts

  • Processing: Washed, natural, honey

  • Packaging: Vacuum packed and boxed. Grain Pro + Jute Bags

  • Certifications: Some farms, since 2003 are fully organically certified (FDA)

  • Harvest Time: December – March

  • Our current offers:

  • Website:


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