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Finca Bernardina

The Finca is located in the area of the National Park “Parque Internacional La Amistad” and presents itself with with a natural mountain landscape with native tres and a series of species like birds, mammals and reptiles. The size of the Finca is 17 hectars, 4 of which are untouched forest, 2 ha of secondary forest and the rest planted with coffee, fruit and timber trees.


The approximate annual production is 200 to 300 bags of coffee (45kg). The current varietals are Catuai, Caturra and Maragogype, with Bourbon and Geisha being introduced. The coffee is processed on the finca, in all three ways, washed, honey and natural, with some experiments in fermentation going on since this year. The cherries and beans are mainly dried under the sun on raised beds. 

The first person to introduce coffee on Finca Bernardina was Iluminada Bernardina in the 1060s. Now, in the third generation, her grandson Felix has taken over the management of the farm and runs it together with his father, also Felix. Currently there are 3 people permanently employed on the finca and during harvest and processing season this number grows to 25-30 people.


One of the most ecological measure is the conservation of their environment -the grass and weeds are being kept under control without the use of herbicides, native and beneficial trees are replanted to provide shade and nutrients for the coffee trees, fauna and flora are being protected and native forests are being conserved to protect their natural water springs which are vital for the finca and the life on the finca.

  • Finca: Finca Bernardina

  • Owner: Felix Aguilar

  • Town / Region: Renacimiento, Chiriqui

  • Varietals: Caturra, Catuai, Maragogype, Bourbon, Geisha

  • Altitude:  1.400-2.000 mts

  • Processing: washed, honey, natural

  • Packaging: Grain Pro and Yute bags, vacuum packed and boxed

  • Harvest Time: January – April

  • Our current offers: Caturra Washed

  • Website:

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